What is the difference between cutting and pruning?

Tree pruning and pruning are done to ensure that the plant is beautiful and healthy.

Tree felling

is done, in some cases, for the health of the plant. If you're looking to make your garden look amazing, TreeNewal offers tree services of all types and only specializes in trees. If you're a homeowner who takes care of your garden, chances are you've considered pruning and pruning trees before.

Both are excellent services within the landscaping industry. Pruning is used to remove unnecessary branches. Trimming, on the other hand, promotes healthy growth. Both services are performed at different times of the year, using very different equipment, to provide better aesthetics and a healthier landscape.

However, understanding the difference is crucial.  Tree trimming and pruning are commonly confused with each other. It's a common mistake among homeowners because both processes involve cutting off parts of a tree, shrub or hedge. However, the difference lies in the purpose of each service.

Trimming is the process of cutting off excessive plant growth so that they look clean, while pruning aims to remove dead or diseased branches to maintain plant health. Read on to learn how pruning differs from pruning and why trees and shrubs need both. If your plant grows too big and needs to be cut to its size, so to speak, then pruning simply wouldn't be enough. Pruning, on the other hand, involves cutting sick, dead, loose, or unhealthy branches.

The words prune and trim can be used interchangeably, or maybe it simply means trimming instead.

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