Should trees overhang house?

When trees are too close to your home, roots can destroy foundations, and branches that hang above the roof can cause a wide variety of problems. As a general rule, trees should be at least 10 to 20 feet from your home, but the exact distance depends on the size of the tree, its crown, and its root system. So how far should tree branches be from the house? Generally speaking, the safest distance your house should be from a tree is about 20 feet. When it comes to its branches, the closest the branches should be is at least 10 feet apart within a radius of distance.

Any branch that hangs above your house, close enough to touch the roof, windows or the house, in general, should be trimmed. This will help you avoid any potential damage caused by falling branches, diseases, or other problems. Open spaces are very important and, as with free roof space, 15 feet. This is the recommended distance between service power lines and your home.

Your city may have another standard for traffic lines, so see this tree ordinance for more information. Branches should be 10 to 20 feet from the house. This is to protect your home from damage, but the proximity to it could also allow raccoons, rats and other pests to access your home. Just make sure that large trees or shrubs are at least 10 to 30 feet away from the foundation of your house.

Smaller shrubs that don't get too tall can be placed closer, but again, regardless of their size, no tree, shrub or branch should touch the side of the house or any structure that doesn't want to get wet or damaged. Trees always surprise people, the fact that no tree is the same, no leaf is the same, is similar to humans in that each person is unique. Tree ownership depends on where the tree trunk is located, regardless of where the branches are located. Reliable tree care saved several of my trees and has kept my entire tree yard healthy and beautiful.

The ideal is to contact a trusted tree care professional to help you handle these tree branches. If the trunk of a tree is on a boundary line, sometimes called a boundary tree, that tree could be owned by both owners, depending on the percentage of the tree found in each property. Courts have ruled that if tree owners know that a tree can be dangerous but don't take responsibility for it and then damage the property, they could be found negligent and responsible for the damage. Replacing some trees can cost hundreds or even thousands, and the liability can sometimes be greater than the real value of the tree.

When you see that the branches of your tree extend to the ceiling, at that point you should remove them immediately. If you see that a branch has grown to hang on the roof of your home in northern Utah, contact Reliable Tree Care to schedule the tree trimming service. It's vital that each and every part of the trees on your property receive the care they need to thrive. Most insurance policies don't include coverage for routine tree maintenance or felling of trees if they fall naturally without causing damage.

The main dynamic advance to protect your roof from the threat of trees is to complete a total inventory of trees and an evaluation of your property. In the event that your property has been damaged by the fall of a tree or an appendix, you should immediately seek out a company that is experienced in tree services. Of course, a tree looks better just 10 or 20 feet from your house than 30 to 40 feet and it will still have some shade in the house, which could result in energy savings, but the closer the tree is and, depending on its root systems, it could sink into the foundation and literally damage the structure of the house. Most of the time, you have the right to prune tree branches that extend to your property, even if the tree is planted in a neighbor's yard.

An expert tree technician will help you decide if it's best to tree  pruning or if it's time to remove it completely. .

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