Can you cut down trees in the winter?

The reality is that winter is a good time for tree pruning and removal services. In fact, some important pruning work should only be done during the winter, such as pruning fruit trees to maximize fruit production. During the winter, trees and shrubs enter a state called lethargy. The best time of year to cut down a tree would be during winter or early spring, when all the leaves have fallen off and the branches are free of them.

You may be worried that frozen soil will make it difficult to extract a tree, but the fact is that warm soil is more easily altered. Removing dead, dying, or dangerous branches in winter may prevent some damage during the winter. In addition, winter tree removal can provide peace of mind the next time a winter storm blows our area. Yes, everything related to trees will be cheaper in the colder months and this includes pruning trees, removing stumps, inspecting trees, etc.

Trees that bloom in spring, for example, should not be pruned except to remove dangerous or broken sections. During the extended time you spend outdoors, you're more likely to notice a problem with your trees or shrubs. The benefits of cutting down a tree during the winter and spring months are simply due to leaf fall and minimal alteration to the surrounding garden areas. Because of this inactivity, late winter and early spring are often the best times to make adjustments to the shapes of many trees and shrubs.

In fact, there are plenty of reasons to do that work on trees during the winter months, with benefits for both you and your trees. Once a tree grows big enough, the city would prefer to conserve it to cover the canopy and all the benefits it provides to residents rather than allowing it to be removed freely. Whether your tree is sick or you want to open your garden, the time of year when you decide to remove it is important. This means that if your tree has a pest, such as the emerald ash borer or a disease such as oak wilt, you must act quickly.

So, while deciding to cut down a tree is never easy, removing it at the right time will help make the process easier. While winter is generally a good time to prune, there are some trees that do better if they are NOT pruned in winter. Maybe a branch doesn't get new leaves, or it's clear that a tree that looked dormant is actually dead.

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