Can removing a large tree cause foundation problems?

Some homeowners believe that removing surrounding trees will fix the problem. But often times, this preventive measure aggravates the problem. Rotting roots can accelerate destabilization and increase the likelihood that the base will break. Tree roots can actively damage foundations and cause leaks in the house.

However, you can't always cope with these leaks by removing the offending tree. Some tree roots remain after their initial extraction and may continue to damage the base. How do you know if these leaks are still caused by debris from your tree and what can you do to fix them? Often, one or more consulting professionals identify trees as the cause of foundation deficiencies, and it is recommended to remove the plant. But did you know that they can also help sometimes? For example, if you experience heavy rain, tree roots can remove excess moisture.

Arborilogical Services shares information and news about trees, tree maintenance and news from the tree industry. The materials with which a root barrier is made accept and maintain a level of moisture, so the tree receives water, but is resistant to the roots of trees that grow through the barrier. You don't want to cut down a tree if you don't need it, just because it's close to your house, after all, damage to foundations from soil shrinkage can occur even without tree roots anywhere near your house. The tree species is important because a larger, older, longer-lived shade tree is a greater concern than a smaller, younger, and shorter-lived ornamental tree or shrub.

With a root barrier, you can still enjoy the benefits and beauty of a tree with the assurance that the tree's roots won't be able to reach the foundation, pipes, driveway, or walkways. Tree removal is a hazardous job and should be done with a certified professional who has the training, tools, experience and insurance for the job. If you cut down the tree yourself (or with the help of a few friends) and are still dealing with a leak, you may not have treated the tree's debris properly. If removing large tree roots doesn't kill you right away, an unhealthy tree will be created that will become unstable over time.

The full and long-term effect of removing an existing tree near a base must be taken into account. Even if you choose to remove a tree in due time, you may want to have a contractor inspect your work once it's finished. Once you have taken all of the above measures, you have done everything you could at the site of the removal of the tree to protect your home. But should you remove your tree? What are some of the consequences that felling trees can have on a base? Find out with WCK Foundation Repair.

When picking trees for planting in your home, you should choose slow-growing trees that don't have an invasive root system. In the state of Texas, when a tree falls due to a natural cause, such as strong winds, lightning, storms, or floods, the owner is responsible, even if the tree falls on the property.

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