What is pruning a tree?

Pruning helps protect against pests and diseases and promotes strong growth. It mainly consists of removing dead, sick and loose branches that prevent trees from blooming. We also remove any growth that interferes with other parts of the plant, such as branches that cross each other.


is when branches are selectively removed from a tree.

The goal is to eliminate unwanted branches, improve the structure of the tree and direct new, healthy growth. Pruning isn't just limited to tree maintenance. The term is usually associated with the removal of unnecessary branches and sometimes even roots. These branches and roots may be dead and need to be cut off the tree.

Prune dormant trees during the winter to promote strong growth in spring; on the contrary, cut branches in summer to “dwarf development”. Remember that each cut has the potential to change the growth of the tree, so it's important to set a goal for why the tree will be pruned. Now that we've established when is the best time of year to prune trees, let's talk about flowering trees. Coconuts can be pruned as often as 3 to 4 months to minimize the risk of injury or damage from heavy fruit.

Young trees that are improperly pruned or not pruned at all for several years may require intensive pruning to remove larger branches and prevent trees from deforming. Tree branches are pruned for multiple reasons, all of which result in a better looking and better performing tree. Prune branches crossed or branches that grow toward the center of a sapling and cut the lower branches of the trunk as the tree grows to raise the crown. Depending on where you live, it's also important to prune trees to thin out dead branches and branches before hurricane season.

If your goal is to increase flowering capacity, prune immediately after the flowering cycle of a tree or shrub. Although I like to do my pruning plan in the fall, I always wait a few months before I start pruning. Fiskars pruners come with ergonomic handles and patented gear technology that provides up to 3 times more power to cut stems and branches up to ¾ thick. Proper tree pruning is as much an investment in the long-term health of your plants as it is in the overall appearance and safety of your property.

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