Tree removal definition?

A woody perennial plant that has only one main axis, stem, or trunk, that is more than ten feet tall; no shrubs or shrubs. Any tree-related permit that has been issued and that has been appealed will be suspended, during any appeal period. By virtue of their historical importance, size, beauty, age or value to wildlife, heritage trees offer benefits that are intrinsic to the entire city, as well as to individual properties. Then, based on the city's assessment or report, the director would make a decision about whether the tree should be removed or not.

The community development department will respond to complaints related to illegal removal, damage or excessive tree pruning, and similar problems that occur in healthy trees and heritage trees. City-wide canopy coverage includes all trees on public and private properties, including street trees, parks and habitat areas. The tree no longer preserves or maintains the values or interests of the community for which it was included in the list of heritage trees. If the replacement tree is not planted as required, the city can use the money for expenses (including, but not limited to, staff time) to plant the replacement trees.

No person may prune roots, relocate, or remove any historic tree without first obtaining permission in accordance with this section. Trees that must be kept on a construction site and trees that must be planted as a condition for approval of the tree removal permit shall be maintained in accordance with accepted tree practices. Circumstances may also include the necessary exposure to the sun, the visibility of commercial signs, and other fundamental reasons that would not justify planting a replacement tree on the site. A general rule for this is to reduce to a lateral that is at least one-third the diameter of the limb being removed, so that the lateral can assume the structural role of the central or lateral leader.

A tree protection and preservation plan may be required at the time the development application is submitted. In individual lots, the city's goal is to maintain fifteen percent coverage of the tree crown, consisting of flowering, deciduous and evergreen trees. Nothing in this section shall be considered to replace or revoke any requirement for the protection of trees found elsewhere in this code or in city ordinances and procedures. Trees with deciduous flowers would allow exposure to the sun in the winter months and would provide color in spring and other seasons.

The city's policy is to help counteract carbon dioxide (CO) emissions by planting trees, since trees absorb CO2 from the air and store it in their branches, roots and trunks and then release oxygen into the atmosphere.

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