Tree removal what to expect?

For a typical removal, the tree would be cut down to a low stump. The branches would be cut into regular pieces for use as firewood or removed according to the customer's wishes. If you want to get rid of the stump, you can choose to remove it completely or have it shredded until it is no longer visible. In tree care, free estimates are the most common.

A company that uses a certified arborist or a professional who specializes in tree care can not only answer your questions, but also provide you with information on other areas that may need attention due to dead wood or diseases, or ways to improve the aesthetics of your property. If there is a tree in your garden that is dead, dying, sick, or that poses a potential hazard, you may want to consider removing it. We have been serving the Portland metropolitan area and all surrounding communities since 2000, with more than 30 years of experience caring for residential and commercial trees. When storms knock down trees or leave branches hanging over your house, it's time to call for help right away.

A low offer may indicate that a contractor does not include all aspects of tree pruning and removal, including flush felling, stump milling, transporting logs, chipping branches and total cleaning. Make sure they are aware of the time of the move and give them the opportunity to remove any objects that are close to the tree (if applicable). If you think it's necessary, you may want to inform your neighbors when the tree is removed. For example, if a tree is removed, one crew will come to remove it, another crew will come to remove the wood, another to grind the stump and another to plant a new tree.

You must ensure that all work has been completed and that no other unmarked trees are removed or the ground touched. Another useful step is to notify your neighbors about the move, especially if the tree being removed is very close to your property. You can count on us to provide a comprehensive service, from removing the tree or branch to cleaning it afterwards.


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Professionals won't want to start removing trees until they're sure the area is clear and safe. A responsible tree company will have and provide you with the POI (proof of insurance) on the spot.

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