How do you cut a tree yourself?

Start by taking a good look at the area. The tree must fall in the direction in which it naturally tilts. Question 1 year ago in step 15 Answer 1 year ago Question 1 year ago about step 20 Question 1 year ago in step 17. If the tree in question is entangled in electrical or sewer lines, you can call the electrical or sewer company to remove it free of charge. Make an offset cut to cut very large limbs by first cutting down approximately two-thirds of the length of the limb.

What if I actually cut it so that it falls above the fence, which is only 3 feet tall, but cut it to 6 feet high? Homeowners insurance generally doesn't cover the removal of the tree unless it falls on a fence, garage, or house and causes damage. For those who prefer to do all kinds of home improvement projects on their own, tree removal might be on that list, but only under certain conditions. In my case, I couldn't just cut down the tree all at once because it would crash into the neighbours' yards. If the tree is small enough to be removed without climbing a ladder or hitting a nearby structure or power lines, it's easier to do it yourself.

Oaks have a much harder and denser wood than something like a poplar, so it can be more difficult to cut the wood. For them, I climbed a ladder on the opposite side of the fence (from the side of my neighbor's fence) and cut the top of the fence as you suggested. The moment the tree starts to tilt, release the saw, put on the chain brake and move away along one of its escape routes, keeping an eye on the tree so that it can react if it doesn't fall as expected. Once the main branches have been removed, it is to be hoped that you can finally cut the main trunk off the ground using the proper technique with a reciprocating saw or with a chain saw.

Each took about three hours to cut a wedge deep enough to cut down each of the three main branches of my tree. As soon as you know how to cut down a tree, people will notice it and will constantly ask you to make such trees for them. Tree Trimming around the trunk and clear two escape routes on the “non-falling” side of the tree.

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